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Guido Llinás. Parisian Works. His Friendship With Wifredo Lam

Christoph Singler

Handpick JP Aka, Paris, France, 2015

exhibition catalogue in English/French/Spanish. fully illustrated. 51 pages.



Génesis de la Pintura Negra. La obra Parisina de Guido Llinás.

Christoph Singler

Advana Vieja Editorial, Valencia, Spain, 2013

in Spanish. 278 pages.



Guido Llinás

Museo de Arte e Historia de San Juan, Porto Rico, 1989

exhibition catalogue in Spanish. fully illustrated. 22 pages.


Guido Llinás: forgotten cuban Master. Printmaking 1964-2002

Alejandro Anreus, Juan A. Martinez, Ricardo Viera

Lehigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, 2003

exhibition catalogue in English fully illustrated, 80 pages.


I1997, Guido Llinás and Los Once after Cuba. The Art Museum, FIU Miami. With texts by Juan Martínez and Christoph Singler. Exh catalogue fully illustrated, 35 pp. 

1997 guido Llinás and Los Once After Cuba .jpeg


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