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Guido Llinás (1923, Pinar del Río, Cuba -2005, Paris) was a pioneer of abstraction in Cuba and co-founder and spokesman of the avant-garde group Los Once (1953-1963), along with Raúl Martínez, Antonio Vidal, Hugo Consuegra and Agustín Cárdenas, among others. 


The following is a selection of works from our collection, mainly from the period of exile, between 1963 and 2005. 

The presentation is completed by a brief biography and photographic documents.


In the Parisian years Llinás developed what he called Black Painting, a combination of abstract expressionism with elements of Lettrism, décollage and classical African aesthetics (in particular, abakuá/ekpe sign system). Profoundly personal, Llinás' variant of Black Painting works on the ambivalence between the form and the sign - of African origin or Western letter-, reflecting on the trace and memory, its disappearance and resurgence. It is not an identitarian art: what is at stake is rather a constant interrogation of the foundations of “identity”. In short, a diasporic art par excellence. 


The purpose of this website is also to launch a campaign to constitute a catalogue raisonné of his work. We call on collectors and institutions, but also on anyone who has information on the whereabouts or the transaction of any work to transmit this information to us. Thank you so much in advance for your collaboration! 


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Jean-Philippe Aka





Prof. Dr. em. Christoph Singler


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